I Believe in Monsters

Flaminia Graziadei
Jan 2, 2015

‘I believe in Monsters’ is a suspenseful drama about domestic abuse that becomes a story of catharsis. Little Chloe experiences her abusers actions as something supernatural while the real life monsters are undoubtedly scarier than fiction. As an adult she becomes a psychiatrist dedicating her life in taking care of children that have had to go through the same horrible experience. When she finally has the chance to deal with the Monsters from her past, she is able to move on in her life, once and forever.

Flaminia Graziadei


MIchèle Wheeler


Taz Ayoub

1st Ad

Elena Trebar


Bella Heesom

character's name

Adam Lewis

character's name

London Independent FF
Zero FF
Marbella International FF
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Categories: Thriller
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