The salt

Lazar Syxtin
Nov 30, -1

My little animation, The salt is about a personal story that happened years ago and had a huge impact on my life, I lost my grandmother who was like a second mom to me. In my animation I tried to animate these feelings of grief that I had for a long time, that was like eating your food without salt. This is the meaning behind the title of the animation. The main character of my animation is my grandfather, who lived alone after the funeral and I tried to express the loneliness we all had by making him the center of attention, the life he continued to live, trying to find meaning to go on living without the love of his life. I tried to make my animation colorful, because in spite of it being a sad story, I wanted to put it in contrast, the story and the visual of the animation. The Salt animation was made in 2015.

Country of origin: Romania
Categories: Anime and Animation
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