Unlikely Friendship

Annick Duchateau
Feb 4, 2016

Two complete teenage strangers built an unbreakable bond and a very unlikely friendship... But is their friendship really meant to be, is their friendship worth keeping, is their friendship possible? That's the question....

Country of origin: Hungary
Categories: Drama
Gabriella Gábor | 2016-02-13 13:36:14
This short film is amazing, I love it. Lili
Olivier Chiquet | 2016-02-13 08:31:40
I find it profound and very topical. There is food for thought in this film. I also enjoy the YouTube feel. It gives the impression that any youth with a little bit of talent, a great deal of motivation and an urge to pass on a message of love can make a film. I really find it motivational and inspirational.
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