The English test - 2005

Oct 10, 2010

Florina Nita

Director of Photography



Country of origin: Romania
Categories: Experimental
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Something tasty to eat A short story about two girls who do not want to have the same food every day. In the first sequence mother is cooking the lunch while the girls are playing in the door yard.The girls are very happy playing with a ball,next they a man dressed like a hunter is checking his gun. On a sudden the ball hits the gun and the hunter gets very angry about this. The hunter tells mother about the misbehaviour of the girls but she doesn’t seem to be interested. After a while mother calls the girls together to have lunch but they’ll not eat potatos again,they want something tasty to eat, something with meat, the mother got them outside the house after they fight. The second part of my short movie begins with the girls who are walking to the forest,here ,one of them gets lost,she is found by her sister later but surprise she has a rabbit in her arms. The movie ends with a scene where their mother is smoking a cigarette and calls the girls to have dinner,the dinner is the rabbit.
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