Come To Heaven

DaazoFilms Europe
Mar 10, 2013

In this poetic film, Linn Karen Foerland depicts the inner world of an old woman – a resident of a nursing home. There are plenty of surprising associations, surreal pictures and saturated fairyland colours. Before us appears the rapturous scene of an old woman at the end of her life. There are angelic little girls, flowery meadows, pink balloons, troubadour violinists, and shameless baths in popcorn. Old age and childhood meet in a magic circle forming a symbolic unity. However, these idyllic pictures are repeatedly juxtaposed with the reality of life at the home for the aged: with its gaping empty corridors, perfunctory nursing care and lonely life in seclusion.

Linn Karen Foerland


Country of origin: Poland
Categories: Action
Hashtags: polish shorts 
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