Normal Gergely
May 16, 2012

"Listening this one we're able to thinking first times about Bartok's chamber music (partially) but more and more touches Stockhausen's "Inori" and "Telemusik" cycles there. But, of course, this is a touches only. I think at the album "Inner Rooms" most of all directions is a author's opinion. First experience of listening generates thoughts about ahumana and antihumana conception of this kind of music, but second coming idea will be different: we will able to understand this music is about hidden intellectual processes under the skull. Thus, this one might help us to understand and decrypt our own scrabbling thoughts. Good choice for those who likes Academical Electronical music." Moonsugar (Gennady Vladimirov) 21-04-2012

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Categories: Experimental
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"Stranger" tries to express the problems of the different societies, to show the uncomfortable feeling being an emigrant and/or being among emigrants. The video is black and white to emphasise the contrast of the different points of views. Is not just abaut the color of the skinits abaut how differently the life we see. We would like to effect the audience with the following technics : montage use of surreal pictures, object in unusual contect.
Halló Budapest, itt Kína Hegyfalu!
"Tóth Kína Hegyfalu is the Budapest, Hungary based duo of Kinga Toth and Gergely Normal. The pair has a strong performance art bent, with Gergely’s sparse, often minimalist instrumentation serving as counterpoint and complement to Kinga’s poetry, which takes the form of aggressive growls, and wails. Gergely also contributes the artwork for the releases, which also reflect the ever present themes of alienation and violence. Tollasbál represents a fervent desire to capture the disruptively awkward and often unsettling feel of an art house performance. Standing in contrast to most of the record, “it hurts (kapar)” forcefully prods the listener into an uncomfortable state with thick slices of noise and distorted vocals, rather than leading them there via teases and the occasional backhanded threat. It’s a sludgy oil slick of guitar that’s definitely not easy listening, though it is rewarding in its own very specific and slightly sadomasochistic way." 30.01.2012 Written by Luke Carrell (
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