Kninth Floor

Migdia Chinea
Oct 29, 2014

The lives of five strangers intersect in the elevator in a parallel world

Country of origin: United States
Categories: Sci-Fi
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Anonymous (Street Meat) is a science fiction short film that takes place in a future in which crooked corporations and banks are abusing power to control the powerless public. The film was shot on location in Los Angeles and Glendale, California. Plotis set in a psychiatrist's office where a male psychiatrist is conversing with a woman who has a background as a prostitute. Corrupt large banking corporations have taken over and have begun to control the public. The prostitute's name is Anonymous, because she has become a part of the banking corporation's numbering system that steals her identity. 'Anonymous (street meat)' is what people become when they lose their identity. Once you lose your credit and you are assigned a number, you become anonymous. The woman seeks understanding for her condition. After a sexual assault, she seeks revenge. Anonymous (Street Meat) is an example of neorealism and metaphor in film with a stark portrayal of sexual violence. This is a style of film characterized by stories set amongst the poor and working class depicting people in the difficult economic and moral conditions post 9/11 and during the US War in Afghanistan, which reflect changes in the American psyche and the struggles of everyday life: poverty, desperation and sexual abuse. So it becomes a quest for social justice in a parallel world. The fate of all mankind hangs in the balance as the world is overtaken by the banks aided by a sugary drink called Healthy Zip that produces phony energy and releases "God" as a byproduct affecting people's behavior. Experimental Sci-fi film. "anynymous (street meat)" illustrates how important social critique can be slipped into sci-fi and have a broader impact. UCLA MFA TFTDM En un mundo paralelo una búsqueda por la justicia social. El destino de toda la humanidad esta en un hilo, ya que el mundo ha sido apoderado por los bancos y asistidos por una bebida azucarada llamada Sano Zip que produce energía y falsas comunicaciones con "Dios" y que como como un subproducto, afecta el comportamiento de la gente. Pelicula experimental de ciencia ficción. Migdia Chinea Starring Josie Martineaux and Ruben Rabasa Directors of Photography: Kyle Broom Pawel Pogorzelski Screened at the California International Shorts Film Festival, Cannes Festival de Film, Daazo Centre European Films, Famewalk International Film Festival, Seoul International Film Festival Extreme, St. Petersburg International Film Festival Beginning (so far).
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