European Short Pitch

About European Short Pitch

European Short Pitch is an initiative aimed at promoting the European coproduction of short films. It combines a scriptwriting workshop in residency, an on-line session and a coproduction forum bringing together scriptwriters and industry professionals from all over Europe.

Selected on the basis of their short film projects, 25 European talents gather to discuss, rewrite, and learn to promote their stories on a European level with the support of 5 tutors. They eventually pitch their projects in front of a panel of 35 producers, financers, buyers, and distributors.

European Short Pitch aims to bring young European talents into the spotlight, give them a high- end promotion opportunity, and develop short film coproduction in Europe. This initiative is about enhanced economic viability and European visibility for short film projects. From the previous editions (2007-2011), around 100 projects were presented that have resulted so far in the making of 20 short films - many of them having a very successful international career.

Whispering in a Friend’s Mouth is a 10 minute short shot in Summer 2009 – examining the borderline between platonic and romantic love through two linking time levels.