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The Proposal is an action-packed romantic short about Sara (Missy Peregrym, star of Rookie Blue) and Jack (Peter Mooney, Camelot) who are on a blind date. They have an instant connection. It might be love, but they don’t want to waste time figuring out the 29 dimensions of compatibility. They know what they want. So Jack and Sara decide to be deadly honest with each other because love is always worth fighting for, but you never know what will make you pull the trigger. Fights designed by the renowned Master Tommy Chang (Pacific Rim).

The Proposal

The film is based on Elek and Zoli: two troubled youngsters taking a tram ride. Elek can't stop talking, while Zoli doesn't give a damn about it. Elek poses the ultimate question: what could have been... and the film shows it. The only question is, what's the dream and what's reality. What makes a difference between human nature and destiny? ---------------- --------------- A film alapja, egy villamoson játszódó jelenet, két hányattatott sorsú fiatalról, Elekről és Zoliról. Eleknek be nem áll a szája az utazás alatt, de Zolit ez egy cseppet sem izgatja. Elekben felmerül egy kérdés, mi lett volna ha... A film pedig megmutatja. A kérdés csak az, hogy melyik az álom, és melyik a valóság? Mi tesz különbséget, emberek, és emberi sorsok között?

Megállomás (Stoptional)

What do Bingo and SpongeBob have in common? Dusan, an eight-year-old boy trapped in limbo between two polar opposite worlds, spends his time amongst gambling adults in a casino while his imagination is captivated by children’s television series. When does one grow up? Let's play and find out!


While in a coma, Paul is trapped in a never-seen-before world; somewhere between reality and fiction, between the conscious and the unconscious, between life – and his inner death. In the midst of the mysterious forest HAZOR, his shadow is escaping, leaving him behind and making him unable to awake from his coma. Paul has no recollection of what had happened, but deep down inside he feels a destructive guilt. Driven by these emotions, Paul goes on a quest to only dig deeper into his own subconsciousness and by doing so he gets involved in a conspiracy: a girl is manipulating his shadow in order to take her revenge and to kill him.

HAZOR, a journey in the experience of coma

Mikael hears that he has only six months to live. He decides to look good at the coffin. Black Comedy/Drama.

Renewing Mikael

This is your film submitted to "BFZ 2015" contest.

Újból és újból

Egy révfalusi srác randira készült, de volt egy kis gond.

Volt egy kis gond

A father discovers that his distant son's bedtime fears might no the that unreal.

Under the bed

A man is trapped behind open doors and there might not be anything he can do.. unless he realices where he really belongs.


" I need to ge to the space" Being a cosmonaut is a demanding task. When you are not granted a new launching pad - the task becomes almost impossible.

K.E.R.O.S.E.N.E poems from the planet

SUMMARY "Those Drawn Alive" ,6:20 min, 2014 Every autumn I get heavily moody. This is caused by the loss of the light. Last summer I heard from the radio a tune called " the House of the Rising Sun ". At once I was on a wintery road, with a very low light - and having an impossible opponent against me - Lee Van Cleef .

Those Drawn Alive

A psychiatrist has a patient, a young woman, who has a rabbit puppet. The young woman thinks that the rabbit puppet is alive. The psychiatrist quickly begins to weird experiences with this ‘case rabbit’. Drama/Comedy(Sci-Fi

Case Rabbit

"Only a God can save us." -- Martin Heidegger "God is dead." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

Dark Shadows of the Gloom

"In the middle of the night, between the lights and shadows of a rich house, a cold-eyed killer consumes their crimes. After caught in his sleep a boy and a woman, sits in the living room of the house where he awaits the arrival of his real target. Preceded by the barrel of his shotgun, an old and mighty man bursts into the room ready to strike, but finds himself unprepared for the truth that hides the identity of the murderer." This is the synopsis of "Killer's Sight", my new short film made with no budget, born from the ashes of the much more ambitious and at the moment economically unfeasible "A Drink to Die". A tribute to American noir, always one of the film genres that intrigue me most, "Killer's Sight" inherits some of the essential characteristics of the genre: so here's a story lived almost entirely through the eyes of the protagonist (except for the final sequence), characters stuck in unwanted situations, a plot that only solves part of the questions, a photography that surrounds in the shadows environments and characters. Even the title can be seen as a small tribute to Stanley Kubrick's "Killer's Kiss". Shot mostly with makeshift equipment (lighting has been made with the lamps from the living room and so on) I tried as much as possible to remain faithful to my original vision, but having finally rethink several scenes during shooting and cut other during the editing process. Several choices have had to collision with practical problems and this has led to some decisions: for example the desire to shoot in low light which hit certain predetermined points, made me opt for more than one occasion for the presence of a video noise more pronounced , rather than having a more accentuated light. Despite having taken more time than expected, I wanted to make some real main titles that accompany the first trumpet solo of "Summertime" by George Gershwin (in the version sung by Louis Armstrong and Ella Firtzgerald), song that is the background to the short film: the trumpet soloist has always had a special relationship in the nusical accompaniment of the noir genre, as can testify, for example, the scores by Jerry Goldsmith for the legendary Roman Polanski's "Chinatown" and the excellent Curtis Hanson’s "L.A. Confidential". Everything was shot in 1080p 25fps with a Canon HV30 with Raynox lenses (a wide angle DCR-6600PRO and a telephoto DCR-1541PRO) using a tripod Velbon DV-7000, while post-production was done using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for editing and Adobe After Effects CS6 for visual effects, on a computer based on a Intel Core i7-2630QM processor. During shooting was taken into account that, in post-production, the final aspect ratio would have been 2.35:1, obtained by cutting a captured original image in 1.77:1. As for the sound, while having available an external microphone Rode NTG-2, the lack of an external support on which record the audio separately in order to obtain a satisfactory sound, has prompted me to make a new audio mix on the original track, using sampled sound effects separately. To accommodate the different cut, editing were also made on the soundtrack. The decision to summon two members of my family for the main roles is to be found in the precise intention to have mature and lived faces, that were able to fit in with the light and the atmosphere selected. The final result is dirty, rough, and obviously improvable below different points of view and in this sense I look forward to my next project.

Killer's Sight


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