Israel between East and West

Submission is closed now!

Israel between East and West

The Israeli Cultural Institute in Budapest and are now calling for short films of all genres to be submitted for their online film contest. The submitted films should be up to 15 minutes in length and reflect the motto of the contest “Israel between East and West”. The competition is open to filmmakers from the Visegrad countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Entries must be uploaded to and added to the “Israel between East and West” contest.

Submission deadline: 15th March, 2014

A late night bus-station. In the darkness. In the cold. An absurd meeting. An absurd life. Is it how it is all going to end? "What if the eternity is just a bathroom full of spiders?" A. P. Chekhov.
Hyona has done research in lab to develop ionic separating machine that will be ground to the molecular units. And she thinks that she is the molecule which moves around in its own orbits until the death. Feeling the sense of isolation, she finally completes the machine. Importing the mood of the sentence which comes from the novel written by Théophile Gautier in 19c, she enters to the machine and ground to the molecule.
Surrealism. Speculation on the split mind phenomenon. Two lines of fortune. Dream and life. Good and evil. All of them are in parallel. The girl walks through the forest, across the field, among the fabulous arts of building. She cries and laughs, looks for something, gets scared and runs away. Does she get into a trap or move towards the sun?