Impossible Film Contest 2013

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Impossible is a mission for a filmmaker The Cannes 2013 Edition - The European Short Film Centre announces a film contest for all the participants of Festival de Cannes’ Short Film Corner 2013 and for all the talents of the short film world.

Organized by the Festival de Cannes, the Short Film Corner is the essential rendez-vous for filmmakers. Since 2004, short film producers and directors have chosen the Short Film Corner as the place to present their films, make meetings reality and take decisive steps for their future careers. Just as the Short Film Corner, is also a hub for talented filmmakers. On you can follow and "like" others, upload and share your films in high quality and take part in contests like the Impossible Film Contest.

Now would like to give another chance for filmmakers to get more visibility and to compete for valuable prizes. Besides the talents of Short Film Corner, our contest is open to all other filmmakers as well.

The prizes are:

- pre-production filmmaking software by Production Minds (worth approx. $400)

- the winning film featured in the Daazo Sales Portfolio for free

- VODmania Distribution Contract

- Daazo Gift 

- World of Shorts Highlight

Daniel Deák and Zoltan Aprily, founders of Daazo will be the head of the jury. Other members to be confirmed later.


In order to submit your film to the Impossible Film Contest you need to do the following:

- register to with you Facebook account (if your are not already a registered member of the website)

- pay the registration fee by clicking on the PayPal button: early bird €9.99 (deadline: 10th June), just in time: €16.99 (deadline: 11th June to 24th June) late runners: €19.99 (25th June to 1st July)

The title of your film


- go to (if you read this, you are here already)

- if you have a short film already on you want to submit, just click on the submit button in the upper right corner of the site

- if you want to submit a new film, please click on the “upload one” button in the upper right corner of the site

- read the uploading instructions in the right column of the upload manager site and upload your film.

- fill out all fields of the “basic” tab of the upload manager site and set your film to “public”. Click “save”!

You can always check your submission under the “submissions” tab of the upload/edit film site. here you can submit manually later if you want.

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Please note that however this contest is also open for Short Film Corner participants it is independently organized by

In an interrogation room it seems to be obvious who has the power. But soon it turns out the question of power is defenitely variable, the situation gives the power, not the position. Finally, we make certain about that the situation could be also relative - so what is power?
a life in 2 minutes.
This is a story about a Tibetan Polyandrous Marriage. Gongbu spent a couple of years in the city and changed his mind about the idea of a Tibetan marriage. He doesn't want to share the wife with his younger brother anymore. Will he be able to achieve what he wants?