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Coming of Age

One of the most popular topic of nowadays feature and short films, is a special transition, that happens in every person's life. The moment when they have to let go of their childhood, and face the advantages and disadvantages of being an adult. 

Show us your interpretation of this moment! Create a short film around this subject, and upload it to this channel, until the 30th of September

Technical details:

  • maximum of 10 minutes 
  • all languages accepted
  • the non-English speaking short films need to have English subtitles
  • uploaded until the midnight, 30th of September, 2015 


This short represents the moment when you cut away the family ties and what comes after: floating. The endless uncertainty, sadness and idleness. Some people say this is what to be grown up completely.
A young girl wants to change her identity to be more like her lover, but she has to find herself to be happy.
Hearts Not Parts is a quirky coming-of-age thriller with a twisted comedic edge. When a middle-aged man crosses the line from stalking to hunting the 'school' girl of his dreams, he soon discovers sugar and spice is not a mixture for all things nice.