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Coming of Age Film Contest

EXTENDED DEADLINE: 11th of October, midnight!

Was it a first kiss? Or a painful disappointment in someone? Maybe a memorable summer that changed everything? 

According to Wikipedia, 'Coming of age' is a young person's transition from childhood to adulthood. The age at which this transition takes place varies in society, as does the nature of the transition.

One of the most popular topic of nowadays feature and short films, is this special transition, that happens in almost every person's life. The moment when they have to let go of their childhood, and face the advantages and disadvantages of being an adult. 

Show us your interpretation of this moment! Create a short film around this subject, and upload it to this channel, until the 30th of September! The winner will be published in the next issue of World of Shorts, and its next short film will get a special festival managing package from Daazo's Festival Strategy Service.

Technical details:

- maximum of 10 minutes 

- all languages accepted

- the non-English speaking short films need to have English subtitles

- uploaded until the midnight, 30th of September, 2015 


- copies of the 5 latest issue of World of Shorts Magazine
- appearance in the next Berlinale 2016 Issue of World of Shorts
- an individual festival strategy plan for the director's next film, created by Daazo's Festival Strategy Service
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Original title: "Szent eset"
Un film di Max Miecchi Rigorista e portiere sono uno di fronte all'altro. Il pallone viene posizionato con cura dalle mani del rigorista. Sta per essere battuto il calcio di rigore decisivo. I ricordi, le emozioni e i momenti importanti di una vita iniziano ad affiorare, portando ad un epilogo che sorprenderà lo spettatore. The penalty kicker and the goal keeper are opposite each other. The ball is positioned carefully by the penalty kicker. He’s about to kick the last penalty goal. The memories, emotions, moments and important decisions made in his life come to mind, bringing the story to an unexpected end. Cast Vittorio Lomartire, Arianna Nastro, Camilla Mazzoni, Michele Zenoni, Luca Talevi, Gioia Tangherlini, Nicolò Ausili, Peter Šulaj Troupe regia: Max Miecchi fotografia: Alessandro Bianchi riprese: Jonathan Soverchia aiuto regia: Marco Vescovo montaggio: Paolo Muti soggetto e sceneggiatura: Max Miecchi produttore esecutivo: Fabrizio Saracinelli coordinatore: Loris Rossi suono: Sergio Fucchi musiche originali: Max Miecchi assistenti operatore: Gianluca Moscoloni, Luca Barchiesi microfonista: Rolando Zoppi scenografia: Valentina Berrè trucco e parrucco: Arianna Semplici, Elena Forini, Angela Pezzuto, Doriano Mencaroni segretario di edizione: Mauro Zezza casting: Beppe Piedimonte assistente di produzione: Jana Šulajová postproduzione: Mario Tordini, Francesco Cardinelli color correction: Luigi Romagnoli
Comedy/Drama with Bence Tasnadi Directed by Norbert Szekeres Director of Photography: Betti Hejüsz The story is about a young guy and his 7 rules after breakup. How to leave behind the feeling of torturing love?