Cinéfondation - Retrospective

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An eighteen-year-old delinquent was recently released from a juvenile detention center. He returns to his parent’s old home with a clean criminal record and a new identity. However, local villagers sense an injustice in this lack of punishment; they remember what happened there just a few years earlier. Also an ambitious filmmaker has decided to follow and document this delinquent’s return to a ‘normal’ life. With the backdrop of contemporary society, where “everything is meaningless and nothing is real”, this story of maturity and guilt unfolds.
An artist feels lost in today's world. Artist, where are you? Winner of Cinefondation 2001.
Laura has taken a school skirt on credit from the second hand uniform sale, but doesn't have the money to pay for it. Determined to resolve the problem by herself the next day at school, she finds herself in territory she has never navigated before. 1st Prize Cinéfondation, 1999.