Slovak Short Cinema

A selection of the best Slovak short films

A  selection of the best Slovak short films - including many of the ones discussed in the special Slovak Short Cinema issue of World of Shorts magazine. Watch these fresh and fascinating fiction, documentary and animated shorts that have triumphed at film festivals worldwide over the last years. Slovak cinema rocks - take a jump in it now and choose your favourites by pressing “like”! 

Life is a big ball that we have to push up a steep hill. All it takes it a single slip to set the ball rolling back down, leaving us with no other option but to start from the bottom again... „Sisyphus“ is a portrait of a former drug addict who has moved to a little house in the country, away from civilization, and spends his time making orgiami in the loft. Sometimes art is the easiest way to start from scratch.
A longer film of Director´s department about the ROAD of human personality to reach his dream and finding himself at any cost.
The story about the young man, who is imprisoned in his own world of addictions... / Príbeh mladého človeka uväzneného vo vlastnom svete závislostí...