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VILIAM A story of Viliam, who lives his own animated life within the real world. Childish fun turns into a problem, the problem becomes a solution. No solution is perfect though… Slovakia 2009 Graduation film Director: Veronika Obertová, Academy of fine arts and design, Bratislava, Slovakia Story: Peter Minár Music: Martin Hasák Sound: Miloš Hanzély, Film park Edited by: Marek Šulík Narrator: Boris Farkaš Colour grading: Samuel Vičan, Vertexcreation Supervisor: Ján Šicko, Julo Nagy Animation: Veronika Obertová, Michaela Čopíková Production: Special thanks: Michal Struss, Vilo Csino, Daniel Rihák, Katarína Králiková, Petra Vavrová, Anna Šúšolová, Zuzana Bosáková, Jana Obertová, Dušan Obert Animafest Zagreb 2010 _best graduation film-student jury Early Melons 2010_best animation Fest Anca 2010 2.prize IAFF Krok 2010 Diploma ‘For integral combination of animated technique and storyline’ BAB Bratislava 2010 Literary Fund Award InterFilm Berlin2010 Best Animation Animateka 2010 Special Mention from jury member Malcolm Sutherlan MONSTRA 2011 Honourable Mention by the Young Jury MONSTRA 2011 Best Student Short Film Award 7th Tehran International Animation festival - Golden Prize for the best student animation


Ové Pictures is Veronika Obertova and Michaela Copikova. We focus on original hand crafted animations, hand drawn, cut out, clay, puppet, textile. We create animation, music videos, projections, illustrations and motion design. Feel free to contact us wherever you are, we speak the language of pictures! Music: Vašo Patejdl

Ove Pictures REEL 2012

Little animated movie.

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Zázraky a nadprirodzené úkazy sa dejú na celom svete. Na Slovensku napríklad existuje muž, ktorý chytá blesky do špeciálnych zariadení, ktoré si sám zhotovil. O takýchto mužoch je aj dokumentárny film Jany Minárikovej 25 km2, ktorý získal na festivale v Hamburgu Grand Prix.

25 km2

Disappearing Old World is a documentary about an expedition to one of the most dangerous African rivers – the River Omo. Rafting down the river, the members of the expeditions were passing tribal territories of the Body, Bata, Bume, and others. Some members already visited Ethiopia for the third time; therefore, they could compare the changes in the life of the tribes, who had led a primitive way of life just a few decades ago. In addition, the documentary shows the part of Ethiopia that will disappear under the surface of a new dam lake in a couple of years.

Disappearing Old World

Document presents a portrait of Pavel Ballo as a father and a husband, who loves his family; nevertheless, he is left all alone as his children have grown up and his wife has left for abroad to work there. That is the reason why he returns to his marmots. The portrait of Pavel Ballo includes his waiting for several days in extreme conditions in the Žiar Valley, where marmots are supposed to dig out of their burrows. While waiting, Pavel Ballo is threatened by not only cold weather and bears but also by dangerous avalanches, which are common in this area at this time of year. Pavel Ballo takes all the risks although he can´t be sure whether his marmots have survived the cruel winter.


Documentary Cinema World tells us story of one of the last village cinemas in Slovakia. Real life stories and memories of local villagers give us a look into history of this cinema and show us its importance. Not only has the viewer an oportunity to be a witness of the cinema"s celebration in the memories of people, but he can also witness the closure of this cultural village temple. Even though the cinema was a significant part of the village for over half of the century, villagers will have to give it their last goodbye. The trigger in this scenario is the digitalization of cinemas in Slovakia. Village Očová decided not to take a part in this action. Unfortunatelly, this means sending their cinema straight to execution. Will the last goodbye carry the smell of sadness or pride? That is the question.


Life is a big ball that we have to push up a steep hill. All it takes it a single slip to set the ball rolling back down, leaving us with no other option but to start from the bottom again... „Sisyphus“ is a portrait of a former drug addict who has moved to a little house in the country, away from civilization, and spends his time making orgiami in the loft. Sometimes art is the easiest way to start from scratch.


Arsy-Versy is the life story of a mother and her son Lubos, who turned the world upside down. Lubos escaped the world of people to live symbiotically with nature. He flew away to a planet where only butterflies live – intelligent beings. Lubos invested his life’s energy combined with his unbelievable empathy into his amateur photograph and film creations. His greatest fascination with nature was the unique study of bats. He attempted to maximize the understanding between human and animal by expressing his fascination for this upside down being. His biggest support in his wanderings, as well as in all areas of his life, was his mother. Lubos’ mother, however, is 70 years old and worries about the future of her son. “What will happen with that kid?” she asks. People who ‘knew him’ thought Lubos was crazy, but only until they saw the film upside down. Now they feel like the crazy ones!


Zombie apocalypse ends dream job of little thieves and change their lives for ever. Now, they must challenge to this manace and protect their lives for the all cost.

Triangle of the Dead

A longer film of Director´s department about the ROAD of human personality to reach his dream and finding himself at any cost.


A short 2nd year film of Camera´s department about Persecution, Dream, Fantasy and Reality.


The story about the young man, who is imprisoned in his own world of addictions... / Príbeh mladého človeka uväzneného vo vlastnom svete závislostí...

Diem's worth / Zlatá dávka

The short story about how two young women,whom life's only yet awaited,are waiting for life. /Krátky príbeh o tom, ako dve mladé ženy, na ktoré život ešte čaká, čakajú na život.

Oranges /Pomaranče

Fairytale-like reconstruction of a little girl's story, who couldn't separate tidiness from untidiness..



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