Gábor Reisz Shorts

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The shortfilm of Gábor Reisz, which got him accepted to the University of Theatre and Film Arts of Hungary. Screened at Miskolc Cinefest, in the Experimental Shortfilm section.
A 15 éves Péter a budapesti pirkadatban fut a Margitszigeten. Egyszer csak megcsörren egy telefon a fák között, amely mindörökre letéríti a fiút a megszokott ösvényről. A film a Nekem Budapest című szkeccsfilm egyik epizódja. Peter, the 15 year old teenager is running in the early mist of Budapest, on the running tracks of Margaret-island. Suddenly a phone starts to ring between the woods, which leads to a bittersweet coming-of-age story of Peter. This shortfilm is one of the epizodes of Nekem Budapest.
Vincent, an irresponsible young frenchman, travels to Hungary to sell the home of an uncle he has never met. During the time he spends in the old flat, crammed with furniture and objects, the boy comes face to face not only with his own current problems in the present, but with the past of other people too.