Pápai Pici

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The main characters of "To love this way" live in relationships, and we join in their story as their love starts to fail. The film shows the events of a single day, when a masseuse arrives to the house and dissolves the blockage in their souls using a special technique. We try to chang the others, sometimes even obsessively, and sometimes we find it is ourself that has changed. To what extent can we be accomodating in a relationship, and is there a point beyond which we give ourselves up?
In the wee hours of the morning, an elegantly dressed woman gets out of a Cadillac, sweetly says goodbye to a straner, and goes home. She goes home to find the usual mess and her partner chein-smoking at the kitchen table. The tone is tense from the start, but they try to control themselves until certain sentences are uttered that irrevocably change their relationship. The film is the story of this intense debate that has irreversible consequences.
A translator struggles with her rendering of the English expression "Chinese snow". Although the answer is under her nose, she cannot pay attention because unfortunately, her life falling to pieces just like her work in progress.