City in My Mind

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The Tisza, the meandering blood-vessel that weaves a net through everything, is a subject of centuries old tales, legends and stories. The film besides the Tisza`s distinctive natural history, shows its radiation to the intellectual fields, bringst to the film language the “spirit” of our river. The river appears as the setting of the always changing time in the frame of the motionless lowland of the Plain that suggests Eternity.Maybe it is not a coincidence that here where the Tisza is flowering with most loud swishing, in Magyarkanizsa, was born in the past few decades the poetry of the Tisza flowering. In the poems and essays of István Koncz and Ottó Tolnai, in the drawinds of Tihamér Dobó , that reminds on the works of great Japanese drawers. The film blends the artists experiences, inner world with the natures scientific approach.
Néhány pillanat amikor beutazom a városomat. Ez a rövidfilm a City In My Mind rövidfilm versenyre készűlt. In a few moments when i'm traveling in my city. This short film is created for the City In My Mind regional short film contest.