Aarhus Short Film Challenge

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Winner of an Honorable Mention at ASFC2013. (Made in 1 week!) Director: Desislav Angelov aka. Val Volgena From: Sofia, Bulgaria Topics: "Possibility" and "Illusion"
Winner of the Talent Prize at ASFC2013 "In the framework of a fictive documentary, you tell a story about the confusion and frustration of a young father and his politically incorrect feelings. Very courageously you describe the fear and the anger in a way we have not seen before. The story is clear and engaging and the documentary visual setting is 'clean'. The acting of this not likeable character is strong. We will never forget this young man's pain- and will wonder what happens, once the baby is there.The talent prize goes to "Rasmus & maven". We look forward to seeing how you and your team will use your talent for storytelling in a future project." - The ASFC2013 Jury
"This is a film that has a real point to make and does so effectively with excellent production values. Though only about four min. long, it might have been even more economical in its storytelling if some of the shots simply transporting the main character from one place to another were left out." The ASFC 2013 Jury Honorable Mention at Aarhur Short Film Challenge 2013