Long Shot challenge

Antonioni, Jancsó, Tarr? These directors have a passion for telling their stories using the long shot technique. Is it about capturing time, or a different approach to the narrative? One never really knows, but now we will feature the short film with the best use of the long shot. You can submit any of your old or new films, or use the #longshot01 hashtag on your film. Please use the 123 rule: submit one, comment two, like three to give feedback to fellow filmmakers. 

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A man who is searching his place in arts. He lost all faith in art and the connection with society. He tries to find a reason of his existence... (sorry for the poor quality)


An audiovisual meditation on the cruelty and suffering of our tragic humanity. A short film about guilt and the birth of conscience. KAIN got nominated for the Golden Bear at the Berlinale 2009.


a life in 2 minutes.

an untitled story

A young, career-focused politician on his way to a radio-station runs over a man who dies as a consequence. His first ill-considered decision launches a whole sequence of events beyond his control. However, the nightmare which he conceives in his head appears to be possible to overcome. The movie is a story about the omnipresence of conscience.

Above the ground

L'homme à la contrebasse (Man with a double bass) is a short narrative film which follows an orchestra musician around the streets of New York City. A man carrying a double bass walks through Manhattan on the way to somewhere: a rehearsal, a performance, an audition, perhaps? His double bass is clearly a part of him; an extension of who he is. As he encounters various people in his travels--a taxi driver, a girl and her mother on the subway, a nightclub doorman--we begin to observe that their reactions to his double bass are puzzling and incongruous to his relationship to it. While others see his giant instrument as a burden, he sees it as his reason for existing; an illustration of how we distort our perceptions of other’s realities with our own.

L'homme à la contrebasse

The first short film of our 12movies12minutes-project, starring Miro Brooks (the actor of our 2011 short 'Zeespiegel') January The Cellar is filmed in a continous take and basically exists of a monologue centered around the struggle of growing up.

January: The Cellar

If you spins neck to Slovak, he will let you to turn it again. Again and again.


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