Cannes Short Film Q&A 2017

Cannes Short Film Q&A 2017

 Short Film Q&A introduces interesting shorts and filmmakers behind from the Cannes Film Festivals' Short Film Corner by answering questions in frame of an online interview.




Being part of the Short Film Q&A costs 60 euro, which you can pay here via PayPal.

Title of your project?



The Q&A may contain:

  • a portrait photo of the director (in vertical format)

  • the title of the film in English and the name of the director (in ‘family name, given name’ order)

  • a film still OR the picture of film poster, accompanied by a video trailer link

  • an English Language interview (you can find details below) 

Your Q&A will be published on the online platform of World of Young Cinema – as a personal micro-page, and shared on our Facebook pages (more than 8.000 film professionals) and sent to our newsletter list (including more than 20.000 contacts from the film industry).

The last deadline of sending us your Q&A material by email, to the email address 26th May 2017, 8pm, but we recommend it to send it as soon as it is possible, in order to be promoted instantly.

Your Q&A will appear on our site within 24 hours after confirming you the reception of the complete material.

You can find the questions below. You can suggest one extra question and immediately answer it in written form. Please check that each of your answers does NOT exceed 400 characters. Please note that we keep the right to proofread or grammatically correct your English language text, if we think necessary. 

  • What is your film about?
  • What are the main topics raised by the story?
  • What is your credo as a filmmaker?
  • Who is the target audience of your film?
  • Can you share a funny or interesting story about the making of the film?
  • Why did you decided to submit your short film to the Short Film Corner?
Please send all the materials to!


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