Cannes 2016 Q&A

Cannes 2016 Q&A

Short Film Q&A introduce interesting shorts and filmmakers behind from the Cannes Film Festivals' Short Film Corner by answering questions in frame of an online interview.

Here are the interviews:

  • "Hello I'm a producer of Woody Allen" by Marina Orlova / Interview

  • Inventing a Laugh by Carolina Mejia / Interview

  • Munukeer (Manicure) by Maram Taibah / Interview

  • Till the End of the Day by Anna Sarukhanova / Interview

  • Island Dreams by Andres Delgado / Interview

  • Freckles by Denise Papas Meechan / Interview

  • Like a Summer Sonata by Natalie MacMahon / Interview

  • The Correspondent by Alan King / Interview

  • Rhythm in Me by Niav Conty / Interview with the producer, Mathilde Dehaye

  • Wai Bi Zi by Qiu Yuanyuan / Interview

  • The Sea by Yifan Li / Interview

  • Skin Deep - An Hymn to Eros by Angelina Voskopoulou / Interview

  • #MEAT by Marc J. M. van den Broek / Interview

  • Ladies First by Matthew Steggles / Interview

  • Dr. Diaz by Benoit Desjardins / Interview

  • He Chu Qu (Beyond the Curtain) by Haixu Liu / Interview

  • Wonderland by Kitty Frobenius / Interview

  • Al di là del Mare (Beyond the Sea) by Mattia Mustafà - Interview

  • The Information by Robert Shannon / Interview

  • Benditas Infancias, 1 (Blessed childhoods, 1) by Iñaki Elizalde / Interview

  • OverAgain by Marc Pannia / Interview

  • Victoria by Lau Suet Kwan Connie / Interview

  • Rosetta's Blues by Rabia Sultana / Interview

  • Ginger by Selina Sondermann / Interview

  • Wonderland by Tang Xinyi / Interview

  • Onguri Kohi No Oishii Irekata (How to Make Delicious Acorn Coffee) by Masaru Yasokawa / Interview

  • Good Mother by Malou T. Schultzberg / Interview

  • Jewish Blind Date by Morf Anaëlle / Interview

  • Interview With a Director by Ivana Noa / Interview

  • The Last Show by Roberto Flores / Interview

  • Lakkeha (Stains) by Sara Koozehchian / Interview

  • 24° 51’ North Latitude by Carlos Lenin / Interview

  • No Woman’s Face Remember by Chuck Griffith / Interview

  • Fantaisie impromptu – a prologue by Duda Gorter / Interview

  • Citta dei' Sogni (City of Dreams) by Paola Bernardini / Interview

You can read the complete Short Film Brochure below:

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