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Body_Dance_Picture - One-minute dance films at SzólóDuó 2013



Jointly organized by the Foundation for Contact Dance & Orkesztika Foundation.
For the platform of One-minute Dance Films you can apply in two categories:
introductory (off) or competition
The films can be recorded by a mobile phone, camera or film camera. They can be experimental films, animations or anything else if their topic is the relation of Body_Dance_Picture and they are maximum 1 minute long. (Recommended aspect ratio is 16:9)
Each film has to be uploaded to Daazo with the filled-in application form.
Deadline (the films have to arrive till this date): 31th December 2012
The application form can be (olso) downloaded at the following web-site
Award: Best One-minute (Jury prize), Audience prize
The films will be showcased January, 2013 at the venues of the SzólóDuó 2013.
Foundation for Contact Dance, Orkesztika Foundation 

Zene: Havlicius fényképezte és vágta: Romet Róbert
This is your film submitted to "Body_Dance_Picture" contest. Idea and director: Bernadett Jobbágy Camera: Emese Kovács and Juli Nemeskéri Post production: Viktor Borbély supported by Orkesztika Foundation
This is my film submitted to "Body_Dance_Picture" contest. Enjoy it!