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Body_Dance_Picture - One-minute dance films at SzólóDuó 2013



Jointly organized by the Foundation for Contact Dance & Orkesztika Foundation.
For the platform of One-minute Dance Films you can apply in two categories:
introductory (off) or competition
The films can be recorded by a mobile phone, camera or film camera. They can be experimental films, animations or anything else if their topic is the relation of Body_Dance_Picture and they are maximum 1 minute long. (Recommended aspect ratio is 16:9)
Each film has to be uploaded to Daazo with the filled-in application form.
Deadline (the films have to arrive till this date): 31th December 2012
The application form can be (olso) downloaded at the following web-site
Award: Best One-minute (Jury prize), Audience prize
The films will be showcased January, 2013 at the venues of the SzólóDuó 2013.
Foundation for Contact Dance, Orkesztika Foundation 

This is my film submitted to "Body_Dance_Picture" contest. Enjoy it!
This is your film submitted to "Body_Dance_Picture" contest. Idea and director: Bernadett Jobbágy Camera: Emese Kovács and Juli Nemeskéri Post production: Viktor Borbély supported by Orkesztika Foundation
Inspired by Villa Budapest, a 19th century classicist building under reconstruction in the Castle District, Nelson Reguera and Valencia James are creating a site-specific dance installation that combines with film and photography. This short film is a product of their ongoing experimental process, and was created by the dancers themselves using a single camera with a tripod, and a floodlight found on the construction site.