BFZ 2016

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BFZ 2016 info

A Budapesti Fesztiválzenekar idén is meghirdeti az öt éve hagyományteremtő szándékkal életre hívott filmes pályázatát a középiskolák tanulói számára. A pályázaton egyénileg vagy csoportosan (maximum 5 fős csapatokat alkotva) lehet indulni.

This year the Budapest Festival Orchestra is once again inviting high-school students to enter its film competition; after the successful launch three years ago it is hoped this will become a traditional annual event. Budding film-makers can enter individually or in groups (up to a maximum of 5 team members). 

This year's task: 

Make a film of a one or two movements of Shostakovich’s Hamlet Suite!

There are no restrictions on the genre of the film, any type of technique may be used, and if you don't have a camera then just use your mobile phone or computer animation software.  

Identify the genre and the method of filming that is the most interesting and exciting for you!

Two complete teenage strangers built an unbreakable bond and a very unlikely friendship... But is their friendship really meant to be, is their friendship worth keeping, is their friendship possible? That's the question....
LauderSzem csoport
A BFZ 2016 -os "Lásd , amit hallasz" filmpályázatára készített kisfilmünk, mely egy szerelmi tragédiát dolgoz fel.