Short Film Brochure

Short Film Brochure – Best of 2016

Be part of the best!

Short Film Brochure is published by – World of Young Cinema to highlight the very best of 2016 and to summarise the most important news of the world of short films.

It will present all the winning films of the 20 most important festivals in an informative, handy brochure, which is useful for everyone interested in short films. High quality infographics and other visuals will illustrate the most important happenings of short films.

And now you can be part of it! We offer limited spaces for filmmakers to highlight their latest short films among the best ones.

Here you can find other publications by Daazo – World of Young Cinema and below is the Cannes issue of the Short Film Brochure



Why is it good for you?

  • Your film will be represented at the most important events of the film industry

  • Leading film industry professionals (festival programmers, sales agents, distributors, producers) will read about your film  

  • More than 40.000 online readers will be able to learn about your film

  • Your film's poster or image and your contact info in order to be easily recognised and contacted by the buyers and distributors.

How can you get in?

So now you have the chance to place your film in it with two easy steps, after choosing the right ad option from the table below.

  1. You can pay safely the fee of the ad via PayPal
  2. Your project details can be provided on a specific page.


Name File specifications  Price Payment
Regular Stamp 24,5x35 mm, portrait, 300 dpi, in pdf/jpeg/tiff 60 euro
1/4 Page 49x70 mm, portrait, 300 dpi, pdf/jpeg/tiff 180 euro
1/2 Page 112x70 mm, landscape, 300 dpi pdf/jpeg/tiff 300 euro
1/1 Page 112x160 mm, portrait, 300dpi, pdf/jpeg/tiff 500 euro 

After paying the fee you will be redirected to the page, where your project details shall be provided. After the whole process you will get a confirmation email. If you have any question or problem, don't hesitate to contact us at!

Short Film Brochure – The Best of 2016 will be distributed at

  • Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival and Film Market

  • BerlinaleEuropean Film Market, Berlin

  • European Short Pitch, Luxemburg

  • Tampere IFF

  • Friss Hús Budapest International Film Festival

  • Dresden IFF

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