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In Sarajevo was created art installation with red chairs to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the siege of Sarajevo. Red Line Sarajevo placed 11,541 red chairs in the main street of Bosnia’s capital, one for each victim of the violence. Sarajevo was in the siege of Serbian army four years.

Art installation Sarajevo Red Line 2012

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Age: 35
Skills: Film Director

ADO HASANOVIC (born in Srerbenica 1986) is a Bosnian film director based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He made his first film called “Predrasude” (“Prejudice”) in 2007 in collaboration with association “Prijatelji Srebrenice” and youth from France, Macedonia, Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ado participated at the Sarajevo Film Festival Talent Campus in 2008, and has been working for the Srebrenica Short Film Festival Srebrena Traka since 2007. From 2008-2011, Ado has been the Creative Director of the Srebrenica Short Film Festival. He directed film about young people who live in Srebrenica "Ja Sam Iz Srebrenice" which was premiered at the short film festival in Mostar in 2008 and awarded Best Student Film.
From 2010-2013 Ado was a student at the Sarajevo Film Academy, studying Directing. He graduated the Sarajevo Film Academy with short film MAMA. He also completed the Nansen Academy, a Norwegian study course, in 2010. His focus of study there was inter-ethnic dialogue. From February 2012, Ado has been working as an intern at the Cinema for Peace Foundation in the Department for Post-Production. Ado also completed the documentary summer school organized by James Madison University (USA) in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2012. In 2012 Ado received the award for Best Student from the Foundation Studium.
His short film "The Angel of Srebrenica" premiered at the Colorado Film Festival and the Sarajevo Film Festival in 2011. In October 2011, "The Angel of Srebrenica" was awarded the “Seal of Approval” at the Erasmus Euro Media Awards in Vienna. "The Blue Viking in Sarajevo" won two awards for the Best Documentary Film at the Balkan Snapshots Film Festival in Amsterdam and at the Duka Fest in Banja Luka and received Special Mention at Balkans Beyond Borders Film Festival in Bucharest.

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November 22, 2013
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